05 January, 2014


I am going to give this a go this year.  I think I should be able to manage a photo of each boy a week!  I will try this for my own reasons, although I am not a terribly great photographer though I am trying to learn new things.  If I don't try at least I won't know what I can do.  Should be fun trying too & seeing at the end of the year, how much both have grown.  

"a portrait of my children, once a week in 2014"

1.  trying to be cross with Mum.  hehehehe... the grin is coming out.
2.  pulling daisies & grass to put in the wheelbarrow.  He loves the garden.  

Linking up with Jodi's 52 week project.  


Bron said...

Love his attitude...some weeks will be easier than others...but it will be worth the look back at the end....

Kristina said...

Oh I love that trying to be cross look! I guess you said 'no' to something :)

Sally said...

Two gorgeous portraits. I'm going to give it a go this year too. We'll see how it goes... I know there will be weeks when I probably won't have a portrait of them all.

Bel said...

Hey Mandy
Thanks for stopping by.
Oh my gosh that first photo - LOVE IT!!
You know that's going straight to the centre on his 18th birthday photo board!!!!!

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

I love how real that first photo is, lovely! And picking daisies, oh how I would love to be doing that instead of shoveling snow.

Have a lovely week.