02 January, 2014


Well I don't know how this happened!  

Well I do really.  It is called "stupid crazy ideas that pop in your head" moments...  

OK, where I work doesn't help at all.  I get stupid crazy idea moments often.  It isn't so often that I act on them so quickly.  Tuesday I was working while my family were off having a fabulous NYeve barbeque!  Oh well, that happens.  I need to work.  So I work.  I clean, tidy, help customers.  Get side tracked while cleaning & tidying.  As you do.  As a result I find myself taking home pretty fabric.  & a new book.  Growing up Modern.  It's an awesome book with great simple patterns for cot or small bed quilts.  (It was ordered into store originally with me in mind I believe!)  So NY Eve I got some cutting time in.  But boy, was I cross.  I seriously need to treat myself to a new rotary cutter. (Before I put a big hole in my window!)  

New Year's Day was a miserable one.  It was drizzling all day long.  So what better way to play than to assemble a quilt top.  (I did also incorporate helping with some different jigsaw puzzles in the middle of this too!  The wee one was asleep which is why I achieved what I did! )

Lots of pretty strips to sort out.  My feature fabric was the tractors which was the ideal one for the line through this fabric.  

& boy do I love this lot of co-ordinates.  I was so excited when we ordered those spots, stripes & chevrons some time back.  They only came into store at the end of the year.  But wow, I am just loving them.  

Teamed up with a white & solid bella dark blue & voila...

I'm really pleased with the result.  DJ loved it.  He has a hat made from this tractor stuff which he kisses.  He did the same to this & snuggled up to it even though it was pegged to the curtain!  

So a bit of simple quilting on it down the track & done.  Hopefully soon.  

But hey, as if I stopped there.  Stay tuned for a second oops moment tomorrow...  :-)

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Bron said...

Oh wow I am impressed....is that need to work ting have anything to do with the need to buy fabric!!! xxx