11 January, 2013

Wow! It Rained!

What a nice thing to hear in the night, that bit of rain.  We could have used a whole lot more - not all at once, but it was lovely.  Hopefully it helped to calm the fire threats.  I don't know anymore what is going on here with the fires.  I need to go & check, but I am sure it's all fine now else I would know it wasn't.  

Month of Moments 11 - Early

Oh the joys of motherhood huh?  I get reminded of that every time I chat to someone about the crazy things the boys do!  Like not sleep!   Last night the big boy was awake at 12.30am.  Up & down a couple of times to him.  Also checked on the little one a couple of times.  At 4.30am I had to check on the little one & saw the big boy still awake!  Arghhhh....   Of course it is on a work day where I will have to wake him up when he is eventually asleep!  He tells me he had a bad dream.  About fires...  no surprise there I guess given the week it's been.  It's the topic of conversation everywhere.  Hard to avoid when you have to shut up the house tight because the smoke outside is so bad & turning the sky orange & it all just smells.  Poor kid.  Can't blame him though.  He may just take after his mother & have a fear of a house fire!!!  (yep, I do, though not as bad as I used to be!)   

Now because I just have to add a picture & I don't have one of us all in the wee early hours of this morning, here is one of BJ with the bubble sprinkler from the other day.   He had quite some success getting the bubbles on his hands.  That is one fun machine!  

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Bron said...

Rain is the best at night...shame you have been awake though to hear it. Hope the weekend brings lots of sound sleep for all. xx