27 January, 2013

Crochet Squares

I have been in the mood for the squares already so at home I have had a little bit of time to play around with these.  The first one is Earth Tones from the book 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares.   

Next is one that really annoyed the stuffin' out of me.  I didn't like making it at all!  I won't make it again!  But I do like the look of it!  So at least there was some reward for perseverance.  Grannies Quilt style square in square.     

This is the first square from our CAL that has started today.  It's Pretty Petals.  I made it last night while watching the women's final in the Australian Open.  It's a great square.  I would make a whole blanket out of this pattern.  There are not many patterns I would say that about but this one is just so effective!  

If you are interested in a crochet along with a bunch of squares like this then pop into the discussion thread won't you & play along!  No rules except have fun with it!  

It was Australia Day yesterday!  We had a great time!  25 people at our place having a great day!  

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Vicky said...

Quick question, just downloaded the pattern for pretty petals and was wondering if the terms used are US or UK? Thanks heaps Mandy :)