10 January, 2013

I'm Behind Again

Month of Moments 9 - Pattern
10 - Wordy

I am going to take this on a different idea than I expected.  I'm back to knitting my cardigan.  Yay!  It's been ignored for a couple of weeks while I had other stuff going on like Christmas!  

Some knitting Patterns are hard.  Not hard to do the actual knitting.  They just don't make sense! 
They are much too Wordy!   
I often wonder what the people were thinking when writing up a pattern.  I know they generally have pattern testers too.  Usually these yarn companies have their regular knitters that I guess would become quite familiar with the way these people write their patterns & what their little phrases mean.   I just think some knitting patterns can be written so much clearer than they are.  The writers need to keep in mind that not all patterns will be read by professional knitters that just get what you are going on about.  

I have to try to figure out the joining up of my cardigan soon.  What I have looked at so far just doesn't make sense!   Pick up stitches & add the edge around from top to bottom but without joining one shoulder seam?  HUH?  I'm sure that makes sense to someone.  I will figure it out I hope!  Else I will just wing it & try it like I think it should be done.  I've never done it before though so that could be interesting!  

OK, that's my whinge.  

Here's a picture for the post just cos I like to have one there!  lol

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Bron said...

I think you do so well reading patterns...your work is always lovely especially your crocheting....I can only do the very basic stitch in knit or crochet because of the reading a pattern thing.

Your little guy looks like he has the hang of the icy poles now too. xx