07 January, 2013

Hat Time - Again

I had a busy weekend.  Sewing hats.  It's OK, I just fit them in when I could.  Saturday saw 1.5 done.  Sunday saw the rest done.  Wow!  I thought I would be finishing up today.  

I have some relatives over here at the moment.  We caught up last week.  It was great fun.  It's nice to see my cousins with their kids.  BJ had the best time playing with them all & loves all his cousins!  lol  

I asked the mums & dads if they thought their kids would like a hat.  Like maybe not.  Love - Maybe more so.  So I had to come up with 5 - 2 boy & 3 girl.  

Top L - pirate sharks revisited but with a plain inside.  Looks pretty cool.  But there is something about that shark fabric, it doesn't sew nicely!   
Top R - A good one revisited.  This is such a cute design.  I think we are nearly out of this fabric at work so I had better keep an eye on that.  
Bottom L - This one with the light purple is so pretty!  Love it.  
Bottom R - Pirate ships revisited with a plain inside.  Looks so cute.  
This one below is just so very pretty.  I really love this one.  Very impressed with how this came out & this is definitely one of my favourite girl designs.  

Yes there are 2 pictures of it.  But I had to let DJ have a turn modeling too.   & for the benefit of one of their grandmothers I had to take one of both of them so she can see the difference between them.  hehehe...  

So we will do hat delivery today!  Hope they like them.  

Month Of Moment 6 - Distant

Oh this is a tricky one.  I think it's going to just get trickier some days though.  Which angle do you take for some of these words is half the battle I think.  

But having just posted about my cousins up above I can post about them being distant too.  Not distant in how they behave with us.  But they live quite a distance to us.  One family lives in QLD, not so far.  The other family lives in Finland.  That is Distant isn't it!  (yep they are the ones that come bearing Angry Birds lollies & bag tags!  lol)  

But the distance doesn't matter these days.  Being connected through the internet makes it all such a small thing.  They read my blog sometimes, so they knew I was doing hat production.  Plus when we do see them every couple of years, nothing really has changed, you don't realise there has been such a time between.  The only noticeable thing is that the children are all getting bigger!  

Month of Moments 7 - Quick

The holidays were much too quick!  Stuart went back to work today.  Crap, stuff & nonsense!  The wee one that is DJ will really miss him that's for sure.  He just follows Daddy around all day long.  I think it could be a long day!  DJ was up at stupid o'clock this morning & I had to get up as Stu was leaving.  No sleeping in for me anymore.  When is the next holiday?  

Have a great week!

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Bron said...

Don't you love how family can encourage our creative pursuits.....you little guys make such gorgeous little models. xxx