06 January, 2013

Missing Moments

 I've been contemplating a couple of the Month of Moments for the last couple of days.  

I'm up to Day 4 which is Cool.

Unfortunately this country right now is anything but cool!  We have all been very very hot.  That's OK, it is summer after all.  But the problem is the bush fires that are currently burning everything down in its way.  The loss of home in this state has been huge.  Just watching a family on TV this morning talking about their experience of being stuck in the water for 3 hours to stay out of it but still having embers & smoke over them is quite heart-wrenching to watch as they share their experience.  Harrowing I think.  

So given that we are all hot I think cool regarding the weather is not the way to go... 

So I will make it Cool Lego!  

The big boy was very excited he.  He plays on lego.com quite a bit but the down side of that is that he also looks at all the products available & he wants them all.  So on another of these conversations about "want" I did say that he had money saved up so if he want to save a little bit more he would be able to buy one he wanted.  He was almost up to a second small size box of Lego   So he desperately wanted to do some more jobs to get that last bit of money he needed.  So he did.  He "helped" Daddy wash the cars.  That got him his $2.  (not much money you say?  No not much, but it is all the actual cleaning was worth. lol )

So with his last $2 in purse we set off to the store.  He carefully considered which set he would like to buy & he did.  A pile of change on the counter for the sales girl to count.  I explained it was his money he had saved up.  I wasn't changing it to big money or anything silly.  I wanted BJ to see that HIS money in his purse was buying it.  He did it himself.  So I am really pleased for him.  Some of the money was from his birthday which was 6 months ago so that is good.  He carefully considered the whole thing.  

So I find all that rather COOL!  Plus some cool Lego too!  

Months of Moments 5 - Gathered

Oh my this can be tricky!  Some of these words on the list are going to be very interesting.  

But last night we had a little late Christmas party with my other parents that just returned from 6 months caravaning around the country.  So we were gathered having a light meal.  What we didn't know was that there was a dinosaur gathering with us for a meal.  He promptly ate some chicken & then some watermelon. He did lots of growling so I am not sure whether that is because he didn't like it or because he wanted more!  

We did have a little DJ drama earlier though.  You have never seen the likes of it.  I had red food colouring on the sink.  He got it.  He was red from top to toes...  It took a moment to register what it was & that it wasn't blood!  Arghhh!  You can see on that picture how pink his forehead still is.  He did have yet another bath after dinner that faded it a bit more.  His shirt was covered in colour so when I pulled it off him it just spread further over his head & hair!  What a mess!   I have just got most of the last pink off me this morning.  I ended up nearly as red just trying to get him stripped off.  

Warning - children & undiluted food colouring aren't a good mix!  

Have a good day...  Stay cool if you are sweltering in the Aussie summer.  

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Bron said...

My thoughts are with your state as they are bush fire ravaged....hope you are staying cool and safe. xx