01 January, 2013

A Month Of Moments

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Well it's 2013.  How about that then!  I hope your 2012 was memorable for all the right reasons.  

Lets make this new one a great one.

I thought I would try this Month of Moments challenge.  
It's hosted over on the JustB blog & this one was put up by Pip yesterday.  I have been thinking about it.  The thing with this stuff is that it doesn't matter.  You aren't accountable.  It's just fun.  No pressure.  

I am going to do it here on my blog though.  I don't tweet, instagram & want to keep of facebook more.  (yeah right!)  So in a combo of words & pictures I will give this a go.  

Being that today is no 1 I have come up with this for my "brand new".  

Just look at that beautiful wool!  Such pretty colours!  I am going to use some!  Yep I am.  I have a plan for that one in the middle in purple/greens.  The one you can see at the top in green/blue is my favourite though (Sweet Georgia yarn!  My new favourite kind.  The blue one on the left is one of those too).  I should have got loads of it.  I want to do a jumper for DJ in it.  But maybe it's too girlie.  Maybe I need more of it for me.  But not yet.  I haven't been able to get more of it yet.  One day.  

But this is my beautiful Brand New wool!  Luxurious wools. It is a treat to buy it.  I do need to use it though.  

Now humor me while I put up these pictures of DJ with water play out on the deck.  He gets so soggy & doesn't even care.  Just loves it!  

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Anonymous said...

The wool blue one on the bottom left would be lovely for DJ.
But they are all lovely.