22 January, 2013

Crazy Days

Well the days are flying by!  I am way behind on the month of moments but oh well, there isn't much I can do about that.  I've been doing lots of driving back & forth to a hospital for long extended visits.  I started a new knitting project which is my "hospital project" for the moment.  My mum broke her leg - Again!!!  (Hi Mum, when you get to catch up reading these!)  So we'll see what happens & how long the stay in her special B'n'B lasts.  

I did battle with a new square though.  I started this one Thursday.  I had great fun with the flower.  It's really cool!  Wasn't hard or anything.  I really wanted to finish it that night.  I probably should have then & there but thought I should get some sleep instead.  So it was only Monday when I finally got back to it.  Seems my head was in a different zone completely though.  I did the light green & the white & pink & then lost the plot completely.  I had a tough time of the end few rounds.  But I undid them & then it worked out after some time out...  lol  It's pretty.  It's called Strawberry Blossom.  It looks like one.  It's from the Julie Yeager Designs group on Ravelry.  They only have squares posted monthly by her but that will be fun for something different.  (in between all the other squares from the CAL I do!)  

I don't know if I can even bother with the rest of the Month of Moments right now.  Too much going on suddenly...  I'll see if I get re-inspired in a day or 2.

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