17 January, 2013


OK so DJ didn't nap today but I got this done while he was in bed pretending!  lol  
This is actually the last square from the CAL last year!  Oops.  But I couldn't be bothered back then anymore.  So here it is.  Pumpkin Patch Square.  It was a bit small though so I had to add a few rows.  

Month of Moments 17 - Busy

Today was busy.  Out the door at  8.40am.  Made it to 9am appointment at about 9.01 but the others only got there about 9.15 so that's good!  

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Tried to get DJ to sleep before we had to head out again.  Out to do more stuff this afternoon.  But BJ now has school shoes!  

Phew, tired & hungry boys.  Better go feed them again.

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Bron said...

ooooh school shoes done...that is on one of the biggest jobs I find in the lead up to starting school. xxx