12 January, 2013

New Stuff

Month of Moments 12 - New

Well today is a new day!  I think I could come up with a few things in the category today!  

I just tried a new recipe!  These Applesauce Muffins are good!  Really good!  So good in fact I just noticed there are only 3 left!  Granted I did send 4 of them over the fence to the neighbours working in the paddock.   BJ even liked them.  I suggested we make some for his lunch when he goes to school & he was enthusiastic about that.  I am really trying to hunt down some new things for him to have for school lunches.  He's pretty fussy.  I don't want to give him chocolate spread sandwiches for the next 10 years.  I don't want to see us get stuck in the lunch rut!  Yes I am already thinking about that & he hasn't even started yet!  He's just hard to find enough variety for.  If you have any ideas let me know!  I am not going to be one of those mums that makes pretty pictures in the box with the lunch though!  I don't think I can go that far at all.  There are some cool ones on Pinterest, but no, that's just too much for this mum.  Have a look at the link!  There are Christmas stockings, Hello Kitty, lady bugs, frogs, you name it!  Nope, not me...  

Edited to add this list I just found...  Lunch box ideas printable

I am going to start this new book tonight.  At the moment the only reading I do is when I go to bed.  

I got the book at the second hand book shop last week.  So much for not buying any more!  Bother.  But, I have a good stack building to take there sometime soon so I can get some store credit for this exact kind of thing.  

I have been struggling through another book for a bit but decided the other night to ditch it.  It was this - 

So disappointed.  I have read all her books but really didn't like this.  I read about 100 pages & it was turning out predictably.  It was really annoying me the whole story line in the end.  So I skipped a few hundred pages over to where it got to where the Prologue had been set.  I read a bit more.  Still annoying.  Skipped about a bit more to get an idea of stuff going on & that's that.  Still no real outcome as I can see but I just don't care. Fortunately another good buy that it doesn't matter that I don't read it.  I finally gave myself permission to not waste time reading stuff I wasn't liking or enjoying a few years ago.  It was quite something to do that!  I hope the one I start tonight is better!  I really need a good book!  

Also new is our power pole!  Bother stuff & nonsense but we had to have a new one put in our yard.  You can see in the picture the old one in the front which is rather crooked.  Looks even worse with the new one in straight behind it!  lol  It was a whole afternoon of entertainment for BJ & myself.  We had front row seats on the deck.  Quite fascinating the whole process including the bit of having to take fence down to get trucks into the yard!  Next I guess they will send us the bill!  

The pole guys will be busy before too long having to go & replace the burnt out ones down south.  There are about 600 burnt out there.  Lots of work!  One of the guys told me they only can put in 4 or 5 a day!  I guess there are a few companies that will get called in to do it.  It's not something you think about first up though after a fire!  But without the poles they won't have any power so it's rather important!  

I'm still knitting a bit!  Nearly done some sleeves at last!  

But right now I think I will go cut some scrap fabric for some scrap quilts being made for fire victims!  

Happy Saturday!


Kim said...

How about cold zucchini slice or leftover meatballs/meatloaf? Or pinwheels - where you make a basic dough, roll it into a rectangle, spread with whatever, roll it up and cut into slices and bake? I have the worlds fussiest kid and have resorted to lunch orders far too often :-(

Bron said...

Guilty I am the chocolate spread every day mum....well maybe not every day but at least I know he eats it. xxx