08 January, 2013

Touching Moments

First off I can cross another off my list of things to finish.  Yay!  The tree advent calendar is done.  

It's a nice one but I do like the mantel one better.  But this is a nice one all the same.  I did this for my brother & sister in law.  It was their engagement present.  Well it still is, but now it's finally finished!  There wasn't any hurry as they still don't have any really fixed address where they can settle in & use it.  One day hopefully they can.  

Month Of Moments Day 8 - Poignant

I must admit I did have to check the meaning of this in the dictionary!  (online of course!)  It's one of those words that can be tricky to use correctly I think.  It does mean a couple of different things though I see, so that's interesting.  

This time I am going with the one that means - 
a. Profoundly moving; touching: a poignant memory.

I got these pictures Monday afternoon after we got home from the beach, hence the barely dressed big boy! lol   The little one had never had an icy pole before.  But he did a jolly good job of it!  You know what ever the big brother has the little one has to have too.  

I love the series of photos.  It was just a joy to watch them at the time & now just gorgeous to see the pictures again & again.  They are my Matching Pair.  
I especially love the last one...  notice they have swapped by this point...  



Bron said...

Very precious...they are so alike. beautiful capturing of sharing too...may come in handy in a few years time. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Just fantastic. I love them.Not often they would sit so still I'm sure.