03 January, 2013

One Off The List

If you are a regular visitor to my little blog world you will probably have noticed the list I put up of the things I want to achieve.  I was going to write it all down the other day, you know, with a pen & paper.  But then I thought I would stick it up in plain view.  Might give me a bit of a boost to achieve some of these things.  I am not going to stress entirely about it.  Some haven't been started but I would like to see them done.  

I finished the hand stitching of the binding on my mantel piece advent calendar.  I'm giving this one away at Christmas.  So wow, I have one thing ready!  lol  I actually bought a couple of Christmas presents today too.  Can't tell you what or why as that will give away something that the person is sure to find out about.  But I feel quite organised today!  I really love this advent calendar.  If I didn't have my huge tree one already I would love this one.  The pockets are the "Christmas cards" on the mantel.  Plus the tiles at the front & the couple of extra things at the bottom.  The candle on the left looks like I have done it out of place but it is only because that pocket is pleated so it sticks out more.  (all the better to hold treats we say!)   The bottom corners are puckered a bit.  Don't care.  Have to work on that bit but the top 2 turned out fine!   Weird!  lol  

Month of Moments day 3 - Sweet

We were out for lunch with some friends & family today.  The luxury of holiday time still.  A friend brought over a gingerbread house.  Sweeeeeet!  Well it was pretty good actually.  I enjoyed the roof with the white freckles.  The boys took turns bashing it with a spoon to break it.  That was fun although it didn't work really.  I just pulled at it.  Much easier!  They are made to break!  It was good fun!  

Also my little one DJ is 18 months old today.  BJ wouldn't let us have a half cake.  He said we would have one when he has 2 candles.  This is DJ on the left.  On the right is our little friend.  The same size.  But wait for it.  He's little.  He is 18 months older!  He just turned 3.  OK.  So friend is a bit small but DJ just might be freaky tall!  

Oh & the raspberry rocket icy poles weren't sweet enough for the boys.  I will have to refigure that recipe.  Add more sugar or just find something else.  There are plenty online so I won't run out of options to try!  

Have a good one!  

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Bron said...

My what are you feeding that little guy.....is that one of /two of your hats there too?
I am so so impressed with the Christmas sewing ...xxx