02 January, 2013

Todays Variety

I haven't done a Mill Hill ornament for ages.  But I had to do this one.  It's actually for work.  A sample.  So I will get it when we finish with the kits to sell.  Love it.  I hope they sell because it was my idea to get them!  I thought they would do well.  Of course once you have a sample they go even better!  I enjoy these kits.  I don't usually get any of the Spring ranges, just the Christmas ones.  But this is cute for a stitcher, sewer, quilter.  These don't take me long to make either which is good.  It's just a matter of fitting it in around everything else!  

Today's Month of Moments moment is Sleepy.  

Or not as the case was when DJ was playing in his bed.  This is me sneaking a peek through his door.  He was busy doing his upside down person!  He spends a lot of time that way at the moment!  But I am afraid that he will start to drop his naps.  Big boy did at 18 months.  I'm not ready for the little one to stop yet!  

A bit of experimenting with some icy poles too!  For you guys in other places of the world, an icy pole is an ice block on a stick - popsicles.  So you will know from that what I mean.  I have had these rocket shaped holders for a few years.  Just waiting for boys to get big enough & to be interested in such things.  The time has come!
These are made from fresh raspberries.  I am hoping they are good!  I want to make a few different sorts over the summer.  If you have a great recipe for iced treats like this I would love to try them, so point me in the direction of the recipe thanks!  

Stay tuned for the verdict!  


summer pickles said...

Oh Mandy, I wish you all the very best with your day sleeps continuing! Neither of our boys made it to two with day sleeps. Gorgeous sneaky-sneaky photo! I am glad you popped by my blog so I could find yours xx

Bron said...

I remember those icy pole makers when we were kids...not fancy and colourful like yours though.
Your little up side down man is very cute too. xx