30 March, 2012

Thought for Food Friday

Green veggies.  Why do so many people not like eating the green ones?  Me?  I love them!  Yumm... bring on the green stuff I say!

This week we have had a few servings of green stuff!  I got some brussel sprouts.  Yumm...  Haven't had those in ages.  I guess they are only just coming into season.  We have been given bunches of silverbeet too.  I love that.  Not quite as much as spinach but it's good.  You know, when we were kids we used to be able to pick something special for our birthday tea.  I picked spinach!  Yep, I did!  Well keep in mind, we didn't have the fast food type things going on in the 70's so we really only knew meat & three veg!  We certainly didn't have much of anything else that I can remember.

Anyway, a couple of great silverbeet recipes we had this week were

Creamed Silverbeet

Silverbeet with Lemon & Walnuts

If you have any great green veggie recipes to share please do!  Always on the look out for more!

Oh & DJ love his food - everywhere!  As you can see!  It doesn't always go in, but it is fun all the same!  Have a good Friday!  I will!


Lee-Ann said...

I nominated you for a Leibster award

Bron said...

My favorite greens has been baby spinach in my salads. xxxx