05 March, 2012

Mystery For Monday

It's already Monday!  Didn't we just have Monday?  
I like mysteries!  I especially like this mystery!  See that ball of green stuff?  See that little bit of crocheted stuff next to it?  Yeah, weird!  I don't know what it is though.  It's a complete mystery!  Over on Ravelry it is International Crochet Month & so they are throwing a huge party to celebrate.  One of the party rooms is for this Mystery Crochet Along.  It's good as we only get a couple of rounds a day for the whole month!  Something is slowly appearing!  But what, it will probably be a little while before I know but after Day 5 Stu & I were guessing about what it could be!   Lots of fun!  

I did get another Lily Sugar & Cream cloth knitted over the weekend too.  This is the Bee Stitch pattern.  It's really cool to look at.  It was ok to do once I could read the knitting.  You know how you have to recognise the look of the knitting you have done to pick where you are up to?  It took an age.  So lots of undoing as well.  But it was a nice one.  Really easy all in all!  

Happy Monday!  Nearly time to go swimming with BJ!  


big B said...

Hi Mandy - Happy monday :) How fun to have a mystery project! I don't know anything about crochet so I can't imagine what it is going to be. I really like the colors on the sugar and cream cloth too.

Bron said...

What a fun concept...hope you show when you are done...the colours are so sweet. xx

Sally said...

A mystery crochet along... BRILLIANT!!! I must hang out more on Ravelry to find out about these things. Where do you learn of these things???
Can't wait to find out what it is. Did you have to use green yarn or was colour optional?
If you had to use green than I am guess Yoda. If not then I think it is a bird.