02 March, 2012

Super Creative Day It Was

I did get quite a bit of my cross stitching done yesterday.  But I also managed to do this Diamond dishcloth!  I had a teensy weensy bit of the Playtime Lily Sugar & Cream yarn left.  I had tried to get one last lap around the flower cloth the other day but was short by two shells.  So I had this bit left.  I decided it would do for the border of a diamond cloth.  I actually prefer this one as a pot holder in the kitchen.  I like the shape for that.  So I did.  I couldn't believe it but it was perfect.  I think there was a length of about 15cm left!  How's that for no waste!  That ball went a long way really!  The pink was just some Animal Friends cotton/acrylic that I have tons of.  Perfect match!  & I am pleased as this Playtime colour is my favourite of all of the ones I have & I have got a couple of nice things out of it for me & as well as one gift piece!

So with that & the cross stitch I thought I was being quite productive.  But then I got it in my head that I had to do this....

Yes an apron.  With some very cute sheep!  (excuse the bright spots on it - it's the sun coming through the tree!)  Last year I made DJ some cute pants with some sheep from this same fabric range.  This piece was off the end of the bolt at work the other day.  But we have another bolt so it's all good news!  lol  It's The World of Susybee range featuring Lewe!  So very cute.  Well this sewing project too all of about half an hour.  If that!  I used an apron I have to cut the side shaping.  Sewed the hem.  Sewed the top.  Sewed the edges over.  Then just had a bash with the webbing.  Found the centre & left a decent piece at the top & pins, pins & more pins later I folded the webbing over that slightly curved edge.  Gave it a good extra bit of sewing around those edges where it started & finished.  Folded the end over & sewed & Voila!  One cute as can be apron!  Hmnmm...  This opens up such a lot of potential for nice fabric!  So yesterday was a very creative space!  I still managed to fit in some boring old house work too!  So it's all good!

Happy Friday!


LadyBugg said...

That apron is sooooo cute!!!
Would look lovely on too.

Lee-Ann said...

Omg I LOVE your apron.. It's shaun the sheep.. And I'm proud to say I love that show ans I even have a Shaun the sheep doll.. Kids brought t for me since I tape the show.. Yes I know its for little ones but as I said I love him. Lol


Sally said...

That apron totally rocks. BRILLIANT!
Ms. M would adore your dishcloth colours... she is a big big fan of pink and yellow.

Bron said...

I agree the apron is very neat...such cute fabric x