18 March, 2012

Bits Of This And That

Well I am still going along with the Mystery crochet along on Ravelry.  We had a little break from the whatchamacallit for St Pat's Day yesterday.  So I got the clue up in the evening.  I did get it done before bed even though I had a brain fade & it was not making sense.  Lesson learnt once more to just do what patterns say & don't over think them!  

So this morning we had Tad the Leapfrog sporting our little leprechaun hat!  Cute!  

Then with everything else I should be doing, (like ironing!) I decided to sew this morning for a bit.  It was naughty really but it's done.  lol  It is a Rosalie Quinlan designed bag pattern.  The fabric is Heartstrings  by Red Rooster fabrics which just arrived instore at work this week.  It's not usually appealing to me the Red Rooster stuff but the colours in this lot were a bit brighter.  Since we needed this bag pattern done in some updated fabric I did one in this new fabric.  I only used 2 fabrics for the main part instead of 4 like it says.  But I did use the large square design as pockets with its little cute pictures on it to feature that instead of as the pattern has with embroidery & stuff done on it.  I quite like the size of this bag so may use this as my go to bag pattern for a bit.  It's easy as anything.  I am sure I could come up with a few variations just from stash instead of gorgeous new stuff at work!  I think it would be fun out of strips too all sewn up & then cut to size!  Lots of potential here!  
Happy Sunday to You!

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Bron said...

That is a great bag....must check out that pattern. It's been a while since I have made a bag.