19 March, 2012

Not The End Of The Squares

Well I thought this would be the last square of the CAL but we are going to keep it up in a month or so.
Yay!  I do plan to finish up the blanket in this time though & start some new colours on the one.  This square is Kata & was actually OK, considering it was by the same designer as the one that proved to be hellish a few weeks back.  There were a lot of instructions on the special stitches - more than the pattern itself!  That is a bit off putting but it was OK to make up.  So next I will have to make up a couple others to make this blanket a little bigger & then join it.  Hopefully I will get that all done fairly soon!  Crazy week here so it probably won't be this week!  Have a good one!

1 comment:

Sally said...

Oh I really like this one as well. A really granny flower.

I am so looking forward to joining in when it starts up again.