01 March, 2012

Mug Shot

Haha... what were you expecting?  
I'm playing along with My Place & Yours.  I haven't done in ages & just found it's moved homes again!
This is my Mug!  Well one of two I use often.  Because they are bigger than all the rest, so more coffee!  
I have a lot of mugs!  The cupboard is overflowing.  I have them stacked in the back.  I find a nice mug I have to have it!  Actually, the last one I wanted (about 2 weeks ago!) I saw when I was out shopping with mum.  It was all of $2 but I couldn't bring another mug home.  So I got her to buy it for me to use at her house.  I would have nearly been in trouble if I dared put another in the cupboard.  It isn't that I collect them.  It's just a cheap way often to buy something pretty.  Like the one in this pic, I have a few with dogs on.  But my dog love of mugs is waning as there are so many others out there.  Also a lot of them are broken so I have less.  More that break, the more room for new ones!  I guess I will need lots once the boys start doing the dishes!  

Grab a cuppa & go & visit with some other Mugs at My Place & Yours!


Jackie Proctor said...

All of my children are now in flats so I can send my old mugs home with them and then I NEED to buy new ones. It is a very cute Dog mug and I agree you do need big mugs for coffee.

kylie said...

If I'm having tea from a pot, I like to drink from teacups, but if I'm just really wanting a good old mug of tea, I'll find the biggest one I have! The big, red teacup on my blog is sort of soup bowl sized and is great! I also have a big pink Maxwell & Williams mug that holds twice a normal mug!
You're right about cups & mugs being a great way to buy something affordable and pretty. I think I've got way too many... but with young kids helping with dishwasher packing, we do tend to lose a few!

Deb Robertson said...

I love that you got your mum to buy it. I too have many mugs but we do break them an awful lot so it never gets too over the top :)

Thanks for joining in at MPAY xxx

Sally said...

It is a very cute mug!