15 March, 2012

My Creative Space

What a mad crazy week it's been with a teething baby & a sick & miserable big boy!  Exhausting to say the least.  Somewhere in between all the misery & sleeplessness I have managed to play a little with this.  Last Thursday evening I had this crazy urge to start knitting with this yarn.  It's Paton's Stretchy Socks colour Fruit Slices.  I got it last year from Bubs2GrubsKnitting.  I really liked the look of it!  I had the crazy urge to knit a sock right that minute.  So I started the cuff.  Got the cuff & some of the leg started & this was my Sunday project when my Ravelry group of ladies met up at the chocolate factory for coffee & cake again.  I need mindless stuff to work on there as the conversation & show & tell sessions is very distracting.  (especially when we all have to model a new cardi that one had knitted & said cardi suited everyone!  Very surprising to see but it really did suit everyone - style & colourwise!)  Anyway, I got quite a bit knitted on Sunday.  I have finally got that jolly heel turned yesterday!  I had to consult the MIL on that as I couldn't remember that bit on the pattern. No wonder as my pattern is written wrong.  She had the updated correct version.  Phew.  So I have adjusted mine!   Hopefully today, since the big boy is acting like his usual self, I will be able to finish this one off.  I am working my way along the foot section & with a bit of luck I will get to the toe before too long.  It's great watching the stripes appear.  When you look at it & think that each stripe is only about 3 or 4 rows it doesn't seem to take long to knit up!  

Hopefully I also can catch up on my mystery crochet along on Ravelry too.  I'm 4 days behind on that!  The green blob from the other day is stuffed & sewn up.  Now I think we are doing arms & legs.  Who knows! Stay tuned for that soon!  

Do yourself a favour & visit some of these other creative spaces won't you!  


dl said...

now that is some patience you have there!

Jo's Place said...

I hear ya on the teething baby, I'm having a wee break from my turn to cuddle our little one who is cutting her first tooth. I forgot how heartbreaking it can be :( On a happier note, lovely colours in the yarn :)

angelina said...

i passed !!!!!
i'm one of you sister ! :))

and i'm noticing, ahem, that YOU seem to spend as much time as i do on ye ole ravelry .x

Bron said...

Sorry to hear you have sick ones...love the colours in the socks...you have way more stick ability than I.

Sally said...

I am so far behind on reading blogs... because we've had very similar scenario over here... teething bub & sniffling big kids & not feeling 100% ourselves.
Hope everyone is feeling better now. We're all well here (TOUCH WOOD)!