13 March, 2012

Second Last Square

Finally I am getting a turn on the computer!  & even that is with a boy sitting right behind me waiting to play a game!  So I have to do this really fast!  I don't like this having to share it so much!  lol

Anyway, yesterday I was able to do this latest square in our crochet along.  It's Thankful Stitches.  Not my favourite but it's OK.  It does blend in well with the other designs I have done so far.  This is our second last square!  How sad.  Then I guess it is going to be picking out some others to fill up my blanket & make it a decent size.  I don't know how big or anything.  I will keep going as long as I feel like it.   There are a few squares that I still would really like to try, but having said that there were also some that I deleted out of my queue now as they won't suit.

OK, times up.  It's going to be a long day I think.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Sally said...

I know! This sharing gig is so much easier when it doesn't involve me sharing my stuff!!!
My two big(ish) kids love the puter. I might get them a cheap lap-top to share at Christmas. I'm keeping my eye on the price and they are getting really really cheap... or maybe I'll get a new one and they can have this ol' thing of mine... if I can figure out how to get the programs off mine and onto the new one?

Another beautiful square... when will it be time to start joining them up. Have you decided how you're going to do that? I'm in favour of outer colour used for joining... but I'm a bit conservative when it comes to things like that :)