09 March, 2012

Thought For Food Friday

Having a husband that likes to cook is a blessing!  It seems I am very lucky!  A lot of people comment on that fact & others wonder where they can get one like him!  Cloned maybe?  Maybe not!

He was doing quite a bit of cooking already but having injured his back at this time last year, he couldn't do much else.  There has to be something good about having him at home so much doesn't there?  I wasn't complaining really when I would get up at 8am & find a baked & iced cake sitting on the counter that he had cooked during the night!  (Yes, during the night!  He couldn't lay down much so sleep was rare, & he couldn't sit so walking around was it even in the middle of the night!)  I also wasn't complaining when he was home all the time after DJ was born.  It meant we could split night shift often so I could get back to bed & sleep more.  That made a lot of difference that is for sure!

The best thing about his cooking is that it was always different. Everyday he would go online & search for new things.  I would have cooked, but I just didn't have the be-botheredness for anything other than something that took no thought like meat & veggies!  If someone just told me what to make I would be right!  Boring I know & Stu obviously thinks so too.

He does enjoy doing it though.  Still now, he is doing the majority of our cooking.  Not the baking anymore, but he does cook dinner.  Even if I have been home all day, he will usually come home & cook.  Just recently we have started menu planning again.  It's been so it does help with the decision making especially for me when he is late home, also to stop so much food waste, plus to save some money.  I don't think at this stage I could jump in at Food Waste Friday on Frugal Girls blog.  I would be too embarrassed!  I am certainly becoming very conscious of what is wasted!  I am trying to teach BJ about waste!  Or not wasting rather!  We have such a lot of waste from the boys at the moment though.  It either ends up in the dog or the cows!

Our meals aren't wasted though!  I don't think we have had a bad meal or left overs for ages!  What can I say, but Stu's choices & cooking has been delicious!  I thought I would share a few of my favourites from recently!

Potato & Caramelised Onion Frittata

Zucchini & Bacon Spaghetti

Herb Couscous Stuff Tomatoes

Currently we are using home grown onions we were given, tomatoes we were given & a load of zucchini that we just can't stop growing!  It's all very in-season cooking right now!

I'm looking forward to the surprises in the coming week that is for sure!


Andrea said...

Caramalised onion anything is delish isn't it!!

Sally said...

Yum! That frittata sounds delicious... and I love couscous.
Dave does heaps of the cooking here too. He would does a lot of the evening cooking. He loves looking for new recipes and menu planning. He loves shopping for all the ingredients at the market too! YAY! People rave on about how fantastic it is... but really people... he eats so why is it SO amazing that he cooks?

Bron said...

It is so fantastic to have a husband who doesn't mind cooking....mine does the lions share most of the time...I am the baker in the family though.
What a treat having all that beautiful homegrown food too.