20 March, 2012

A Few Of My Favourite Things

"Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String
These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things"

...especially when they come in the mail from a friend far away!  

& so it did! Arrive I mean.  A brown paper package hiding inside an Aussie post plastic bag address to me!  From Sal .  A brown paper package tied up with string!  Not to mention a little granny square on the string & a tag with a lovely message on it to tell me that the gift inside was something for DJ.  

Can you believe, dear Sal has spent her summer in the stifling heat over there, hooking up this gorgeous blanket for my baby boy!  

Yes, this blanket you see right here, that DJ is obviously very happy with.  He knew it was his.  He grabbed his rusk & went over to it & rolled right over & lay there.  He just knew.  He is very excited about it too.

You know what I did after sitting in shock at such a gift?  I rang Sal up!  Yep, her number was on the Aussie post bag.  Hmmm... that would be so much cooler to surprise her back.   How do you thank someone for such a gift?  The least I could do was surprise her back with a phone call!  So I did.  Right that minute.  (I didn't even consider so much what time it would be there!  Phew it wasn't early morning!)  We talked for about 5 minutes.  I think we could have talked for about 5 hours.  It was like talking to an old friend!  Very special.  

Thanks so much Sal.  My family thanks you!  

Oh & Sal, by the time I got off the phone, BJ was sitting there with his atlas waiting for me to show him where you lived.  :-) 

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Sally said...

It was my absolute pleasure... and such a thrill to chat with you on the phone. It really made my day.

I LOVE that photo of DJ hanging on the blankie. Brilliant. I feel all chuffed inside.