23 March, 2012

Thought For Food Friday

On Sunday BJ wanted to make cupcakes.  Sure no problem.  But they have to be simple.  Less fuss the better & preferably lemon as we have loads of lemons at the moment.  Google to the rescue like usual!

Lemon Cupcakes

These were easy as anything!  The best thing was that BJ was brave enough to stand & hold the hand mixer & mix while I threw everything in.  Perfect!  Mixed in under 5 minutes!  They were really very good!  Well they must have been pretty good as the whole batch disappeared that same day.  BJ ate more than anyone I think.  I also thought they would be simple enough to whip up a batch for playgroup this week.  I made these in a mini muffin tin using the generic brand of cupcake papers so they aren't huge.  Made almost a dozen in one quantity.  So Monday BJ mixed a double batch.  Really, they were so fast!  But I used way more than the juice of one lemon on them as the recipe said.  I used a couple for one batch.  They weren't lemony enough still.  I think lemon frosting would be good but didn't want to overdo it for the playgroup kids!  Most of them are hyper enough without adding extra sugar to them!  lol  They went down a treat anyway.  I had a few compliments on them so that's always a good sign!

We haven't done much more than that in our cooking this week.  It's been a crazy week so time has been very pushed with grumpy kids & managing only the most basic of meals all week it seems.  We have also been given another load of different vegetables through the week so we have been blessed with that!  So very basic meals, but that doesn't matter really.  It's all food & it's all healthy & all keeping us going.  So a few nights of my cooking plain ordinary food isn't so bad on occasion!

We have been doing well with the meal planning & the whole point of reducing waste & saving on groceries.  Groceries cost enough these days without buying stuff that gets tossed out don't they?  Scary really.  I shudder when I see trolley loads in the supermarket now that are way over the top.  Shudder for sure...   I was about mortified when I saw a couple with 2 trolley loads once.   I won't judge!  I am hoping they only shop once a fortnight!

Happy Friday!  & go make these lemon cupcakes!  They are good!

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Sally said...

We're doing the same thing. Really looking closely at what we're buying and trying really hard to plan as much as we can. Wastage is heart breaking as the costs are so high. It is hard to explain to children too about the importance of not wasting food.
We're thinking about buying a second hand fridge to put in our laundry. The fridge in our kitchen is quite small so it is hard to buy in bulk. Also there is limited space to freeze meals. Still tossing ideas around.

Those lemon cupcakes look delicious. Our lemon tree is the slowest growing tree on the planet!!! It will be years until we have loads of lemons. Not to worry. The orange tree is loaded and they should turn orange soon... and then orange cupcakes it will be!