26 February, 2014

New Embroidery

Well a couple of years back after I did all the embroidery pictures for BJ's animal quilt, I had actually found a book with another really good set of pictures in it for a quilt.  I bought the book at the time.  It was going to be for BJ then, but then DJ came along.  Having finished BJ's animal quilt, I have had in my mind to start this new one for DJ.  It's going to take time.  

But I have started part one which is the embroidery pictures.  There are 13 of them.  Here are the first three.  

They are all stitched in the same colour.  They are all in the comic book style.  Something different & I am not completely in love with them & did consider doing just the applique pictures in a quilt only.  But I wanted to try my hand at all of it.  So onward & upward we go.  Been quite relaxing so far.  As you can see, it's very BOY!  Wait till you see the rest of them!  

 *Note to self - check which pen you use first before using it.  The pink steam iron erasable pen looks the same as the pink highlighter.  Hmmm...  pink highlighter not quite as steam erasable.  But I got most of it out with some Sards Wonder Soap.  Phew...  lol   But I adore my Japanese steam erasing pen!  Amazing stuff!  


Sally said...

WOW! Love love love the comic style. Which book?

....and mixing up pens is so something I would do.

Bron said...

Oh these are fantastic...I bet it is quite relaxing sitting doing them...love the pics. xxx

Anonymous said...

They look really cute. Be interesting to see how it all turns out.