24 February, 2014

Fabric Road Trip

Last week I had a couple days at home doing stuff but then Thursday I just had to get DJ & I out.  So we stopped in to see mum for a coffee first.  From there we ended up taking mum with us for a little road trip down the road about 45 minutes away.  There is a fabric shop over there that I still hadn't got to during opening hours!  

Now if you remember, I do work in a fabric shop & recently posted some nice new fabrics there.  Well over in this little fabric shop we went to I found a couple of the other fabrics from that range by Tim Holtz.  So I got a half metre cut of both.  Pretty groovy.  No idea what I will use them for of course, but I didn't buy fat quarters as I am not buying those now unless it is a big range that I can use a lot of fats for.  A half metre is more useful of course.  

I was pretty good though on this little drive.  I got 4 half metre pieces one other of which I got for someone else had she wanted it, & she did.  lol  

We browsed around some other shops too in this little town & quite enjoyed our little drive.  Some lunch on the way home & the day was full before picking up BJ.  Got to love spur of the moment!  


Farm Gate Creations said...

Love love love them. I'm such a Tim Holtz fan.

Bron said...

What a fun day...the unplanned ones are always the best. xxx