03 February, 2014

Sunday Surprise

What a great day!  Last week I arranged with MIL that we would have lunch with them on Sunday.  Sure, sounds good.  But then I was given a list of options on what activities we could do instead of just going to their place for lunch.  Well we sorted out what to do.  I didn't tell any of the 3 boys in my house.  They just assumed we were going to Gran's for lunch.  

Sunday we had to leave on time.  I told Stuart what time we were going.  He said it was too early.  I very firmly said it wasn't.  We had to be there before 11am.  So I packed up all this stuff to take.  We got to the steam train on time (they leave on the hour only!) to meet up with Stuart's parents & his aunt & uncle that are on a long holiday here from the UK.  We had a trip on the train to the other end where we got off & spent the afternoon at the beach with a picnic in between.  It was terrific fun!  The weather was perfect & I even got both boys in to swim with me.  We don't swim much.  Stuart is not a swimmer.  He can but prefers not to!  So I can't usually try to swim with them if I am on my own.  At least he was beach supervisor!  lol  It was a terrific day!  We still got burnt though no matter the sunscreen we used.  Darn that.  

Not happy about the train ride & took a little while to come around to it.  

This one however, loved it & was having a good laugh at something!  

Running in the waves.  

Getting him used to the water.

I did swim!  It's a rare event.  Too cold for the sea a lot of the time & I am allergic to pools.  But yesterday was just perfect.   Went in twice!  

Boys did some building with the great uncle.  

First time with DJ in was jumping waves.  

Then jumping waves with BJ.  

This included a bit of entertainment there when a policeman turned up to watch some guy who had been lingering too long I guess.  Someone didn't like it & called it in we assumed.  They took his ID & made some phone calls.  He wasn't taken away or anything.  

DJ came back in the water again later for a longer swim.  He likes it.  BJ doesn't.  DJ doesn't have the same fears.  

Lovely view, loads of people which was impressive!  It wasn't even the main beach so I am pleased we weren't at that one.  

Nice set up for a while before packing up for the return trip on the train.  A beaut day out to mark the end of the holidays.  A beaut surprise for the boys, big & littles.  Glad DJ warmed up to the train on the return.  At least when we drive past it now he will have a little memory of it.  


Bron said...

What an awesome day out...suprises all round are so fun. The train ride sounds like a fun way to get to the beach for a swim and picnic......sunscreen doesn't work on us very well either.... xxx

Anonymous said...

A wonderful surprise. But how can you hide all the things for the beach? You must have been busy sneaking all that into the car.

Sally said...

That just sounds so very very perfect. Brilliant. I'd be in heaven - fancy train ride, picnic, beach, swimming in the ocean. Awesome.

What is the shark situation like in your part of the world? I remember the beaches in Tasmania as being some of the most beautiful I have ever seen - especially in the bay of fires (I think that's what it was called) The beaches here are nice too... but I get freaked out swimming to far out from the coast!