10 February, 2014

Happy Sun Quilt Top

Yay!  I got this sewn up.  It didn't take long to put together once I worked out the size to make the blocks.  I had a seam allowance in there & some of the pictures had to be sewn over so I had to figure that out.  Especially the rainbow which I stuffed up some how in getting it way off centre in the first place!  

What I ended up doing was drawing around the pictures on the finished size, without cutting.  That was safest.  Then I could line sash strips up with the edges.  That worked quite well.  Then I did some trimming off the back later on.  It's not big, just a wall hanging thing I suppose.  I don't know what I will actually do with it but that's beside the point when it comes to things like this!  It's all about the making in the first place!  

Oh it was designed with the Northern Hemisphere seasons in mind, so I moved the all around to suit me instead.  I didn't really think any of them mattered much though.  

1 comment:

Sally said...

Oh... I remember you doing these applique pieces AGES ago ;) Good on you for finishing it. So cheery. Still loving all those yellow suns. You've cheered my spirits.