07 February, 2014

Things I'm Loving

We have had another busy week!  All sorts crammed in including full time school for the big boy.  A couple of days before though we still had some play time at home.  

Some serious "magic painting" going on here.  You know the kind that you just paint water over the page & the colours appear.  It kept DJ going briefly, but it is of course much quicker to just pour the water on the book.  

I was crocheting while he was painting.  He wanted another turn of course.  

BJ was doing some serious concentration on his drawing.  

I was really quite impressed what he ended up with.  The horse was amazing.  It has gone from blobby animals last week to shapely ones with a decent looking head on it.  
FYI - picture is a bank truck in the middle which is why it has a money sign on it.  It is of course being pulled by a horse.  
On the left is a bank.  That flashy bit that's dark is the alarm light flashing.  

A game of my favourite Bug Trails.  We even taught Grandma to play this the other night.  Well BJ was teaching her anyway.  

Joining in with Meghan.  


Farm Gate Creations said...

I love how their picture drawing evolves over time...and I've never heard of bug trails before, sounds interesting.

Bron said...

Great post on showing how big and clever your two are becoming....yay for school routines and time to crochet. Xx

Redeemed by Grace said...

Love the concentration faces! Kids are classic with the way they get that determined concentrating look.

Meghan M said...

Love it when their drawings completely make sense and look exactly like what they want them to! I used to love the magic of the colours appearing when I painted over them - I had a lot of patience for such things - my boys - not so much - ha ha! Have a great weekend xx

Sally said...

I'm a big fan of water painting in these parts. There is only limited amounts of mess that can be made... and most can be mopped up with a dirty towel. LOVE!

Awesome drawings by BJ - loads of detail there.