22 February, 2014

Craft Week

It's been a busy week with nothing much to show for it sorry!  

I have been busy with making stuff for the school fair.  Yep, it's come to that.  Being a school mum & being a crafter, those in charge of craft stall, no my strengths.  I started a bunch of stuff a few months back, but only now have got back into it.  The last couple of Mondays have seen me at Crafternoons at school with some others, all working on things at different stages of being made.  

I have made about 30 hankies, a bunch of little bags, about 30 drawstrings bags but those were with the help of Aunty Margaret - Thanks Aunty Margaret!  She sewed the tops over for me.  Those bags are going to be used to hold the juggling balls I believe!  

I still have a bunch of other stuff in the works.  So much stuff.  I have removed all the finished items from the house though without taking pictures.  I just wanted to clear my space out.  

Oh I just realised I can show this square.  I did manage this some where in the last week!  It's Lemony Lime Citrus square.  For one of the CALs.  I think this was a January selection.  


Bron said...

Dangerous move showing your crafty hands.....they will be loving having someone like you now in the school community....and everyone needs an Aunty. Xx

Sally said...

You sure do sound busy. Good for you helping out so much... for now im keepimg well clear of committees.mi really admire people who give their time and skills to community.

Lovely square. Love that colourway.