08 February, 2014

Road 15

It's hot!  But oh well, I still had to come home from work today & do some sewing.  You know, these crazy ideas you get in your head at silly times.  Oh well.  

I did that tractor quilt in January.  Do you remember that one?  It was a cool pattern for a small kids quilt from the book Growing up Modern.  What a terrific book.  Since doing that I look at fabric designs that are in rows...  It was such a nice pattern & it has so much potential.  I was going to do a quilt in it using half a jelly roll.  I gave half to mum.  She's almost finished.  The other half is now going to my aunt from the UK that is here so she can do one too.  She has never quilted & is a great sewer so wants to learn.  Never too old to learn either you know.  She is almost 80!  But you wouldn't know it.  

Well anyway, I had to make it again.  I had to use the cute little houses from Road 15 by Sweetwater.  We had a few of the range at work.  But it was the little houses that had me along with the mappish looking one with things like Abbey Road, Downing St, Lombard St, Wall St, cute things in a cute map that isn't exactly an accurate type of map!  lol  Well I came home & sewed.  It's done!  You can't get the print from this over all picture but you get an idea...  closer pics of the fabrics below.  

Six fabrics from the range & a Moda Bella solid Natural for the narrow strips.  I'm really pleased with it.  No idea who or what for but I love it.  I will quilt it much the same way as the tractor one I think.  Less is more...  that's me!  lol  

I told you before I seemed to be addicted to Sweetwater's fabric designs!  This is the third one this year!  

I should have cropped the top picture I think as it looks like the quilt has a head & glasses on!  lol.  Oh & 4 legs too!  


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. Fancy doing it still after working first.

Sally said...

I think this is my favourite from all the quilts you've done recently. Great fabric. Awesome piecing. LOVE it.

... and how you go to work and then come home and sew?!?!?