14 February, 2014

Things I'm Loving

Some DJ & Mum time hanging out on the beach...  
Enjoying the days that I get to spend with him now that BJ is at school full time.  It's nice to have the chance.

Cute little spots to sleep snuggled on his blanket, though not handy right on school pick up!  

Some awesome new fabrics at work!  

I adore these cars & am waiting for the time I can get some of these...  ( I have a self imposed rule that it has to have been there for a month before I can buy any!   That way the novelty wears off & I don't love it quite so much any more!)

This fabric is from Tim Holtz in his new Eclectic Elements range.  I love this subway sign stuff.  But I need to come up with something that keeps it big!  It can't be chopped down much at all.  

These 3 are from the same range.  Labels, dictionary pages & postmarks & cool stuff.  It looks so cool.  I don't have anything to use this sort of print for yet, but you never know!  

It's been a fairly low key week.  I like that a lot.  Getting into a routine for school every day is quite something but we've managed so far!  Two weeks down, & umm...  probably another 40 to go!  But, it's been good to get that groove happening.  It's a little harder for BJ.  The days of chilled mornings are gone.  

I love that I have managed to pack him a lunch everyday & it hasn't been the same thing each day!  Woohoo!  I used to hate school lunches.  You get stuck a bit at times though with the couple of things that they do eat.  So I am trying to keep it different & not monotonous...  We'll see how long that lasts.  

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Bron said...

It's very special that time with just one little one.....make the most of it......

and I love that subway fabric..I hope you still like it in a month so we can see what you do with it. xx

Meghan M said...

Wow - all those fabrics are just stunning - I can imagine it'd be hard not to dream up cool projects for every single one of them!!