05 February, 2014

School Days Are Here

It's official!  The holidays are over.  School returned for my Prep boy today. It's OK though.  He's ready.  He was excited.  I was ready for him to return too.  He had a hair cut the other day which made him grow up a few years again!  

 I haven't had time to miss him yet today.  Focusing on this little one more with the toilet training stuff.  He's a stubborn one that boy!  & a challenge where all things are concerned let alone this training.  

Anyway, for all the Aussies, enjoy the back to school days.  


Bron said...

Just saw I missed this post of your handsome little men...off to school looking to ready and grown up. xxx

Sally said...

Oh my gosh - how grown up does he look with that hair cut & jacket!!!