01 March, 2014

Things I'm Loving

Cruising along into March already!  Oh dear.  Missed this one last week.  But I'm a back this week though a bit late.  Crazy week.  Not sure what I've done but it's busy always.  

One thing I was happy to be able to do was go & see BJ at his sports day.  I was working that day but it was fairly quiet so I got to escape for a little while.  I saw 2 races at least.  BJ did have his grandparents there watching all morning so that was good in case I didn't make it.  But it was nice that I could.  Oh & of course as things turn out, the boss was flat out in that short time I was out & then everyone must have seen I was back & kept away for the rest of the afternoon!  

I got to the park one morning with DJ which was good.  We took his bike so had a walk & then he got to swing for a while too.  Was a nice surprise to run into my sister in law too, so that was a good quick catch up.  A 2 yr old sitting on a bike saying "let's go" isn't helpful when you are having a chat but it took a few requests before we did go!  lol  

We had a beautiful first day of Autumn today.  It was actually warmer than yesterday, the last day of summer!  So nice!  This afternoon we snuck outside for a game of Jnr Skip Bo again.  BJ did manage to multi-task & was doing some drawing in his notebook at the same time.  He draws such a lot at the moment!   

We're all completely tired after the week that was.  That's not necessarily a bad thing but it will be nice to recharge tomorrow with a quiet day.   

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Sally said...

40 degrees here on the first day of Autumn! Doesn't cool down to April in these parts.

So glad that you made it to the sports carnival.

Meghan M said...

It's so special to have these times to sneak away too - last year I missed out on too many moments like these so I am happy that things have changed and I can make time for it this year. We love UNO in this house - wonder if my guys would love Skip Bo - I'm guessing they might :-)