10 March, 2014

Quiet Day

Yesterday I did manage to get a relaxing afternoon in.  Although it was cloudy & was meant to rain (which would have been much loved!) we did get time to sit & play, hang out on the deck & even barbeque tea & eat outside.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  

So I managed to get this next picture stitched.  It's only 2 frames so it didn't take long & there isn't much in each so that was a nice change after the previous very detailed pictures.  

I have also been experimenting with different things behind my stitching.  You know, I have a dislike of stitching that you can see the thread running around the back.  Dislike it very much.  So I have always used something.  I have had the chance to try a couple of different things in the back though that I sell at work.   

Quilt lite which is a clothy type of thing.  Not really sure what to call it.  It is probably the best one to hide threads in back from appearing in the front.  
Iron on interfacing is one I have used mostly.  It's fine.  Keeps my fabric nice & taut which I don't like especially.  
Iron on Weave-line or something.  Can't remember right now.  lol   I quite like it.  It's more like a fabric that irons on as opposed to the iron on interfacing that is more papery.  

I have experimented with each now & quite like the quilt-lite.  As long as it is as big as the fabric & clamps in your hoop tightly it stitches in nicely without it pulling the finished picture tight as it did with my first one.  I think each has it's place though & depending on what you are finishing your stitching in will determine what I use from now on!  

Had to post this out-take from yesterdays photos.  Trying to get a good shot of BJ yesterday was tricky when I had photo-bomber popping up regularly!  lol  

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Bron said...

Quiet days are good...especially when you get a chance to stitch such cool designs.

Cute photo bomber too