25 March, 2014

Weekend - Sunday

Our mini holiday continues...

Sunday morning started with finding a rock that looked like Australia.  BJ wanted a picture.  

Another walk.  Very rugged up this time.  It was freezing.  The boys needed the mittens on that's for sure!

Some history of the area with the home of Gustav Weindorfer.  It's now a museum type of thing with some rooms set up that you can press a button & get a commentary on.  It's amazing to think of the life they would have had there 100 years ago.  In the middle of the bush with a few days walk or horse travel to get any where remotely populated.   

Sunday's view of the mountain.  Like I said, we were lucky on Saturday to get the view we had.  It doesn't take much for the conditions to change out here so you need to go with so many things to battle all weathers.  (it's actually behind the green hills that you can see, but cloud cover was very low) 

I was so excited that we saw one wombat.  These are my favourites.  We saw lots of evidence of them in the form of square poo.  Yep, it's known as square!  lol   I love wombats.  So cute.  

Another walk & we found three tunnels along the way all child height but full of murals of all the wildlife, flora, birds, everything that is special in the area.  They are really cool.  The boys loved finding them.  
These were the only Tassie Devils we saw, in the picture.  That's fine by me.  They aren't friendly or pretty things!  

Checking out a waterfall from the bridge!

A lesson of discovery in another tunnel of birds, trees & river life.  They are all labeled with names of things too which is cool.  

BJ made a book at school recently about the platypus so I thought we needed this one.  

After those freezing walks out in the rainforests we stopped at the visitors information centre for a warming coffee.  Much needed that's for sure.  Then a drive home.  Why is it that the drive home seems shorter than the one to where you are headed?  That was fortunate though as the little one was car sick.   Lots of winding roads & a daddy who was just flying about them really.  Much more of that & there would have been 3 sick passengers but luckily he took it a little more calmly for the rest.  Home again & unpacking & resting.  Holidays aren't necessarily restful are they!  But it was fun & the boys loved it (expect for the sleeping in a strange place bit!)  


Vicky said...

Sounds like a wonderful mini vacation. Would have loved to have seen the wombat. I ticked Koalas off my list last year when we went to Cape Otway.

Bron said...

Yay what a super fun mini vacation...ruging up in the cool is always the fun part I think xxxx
and what is it about dads that like to rally car the windy roads. xxxx

Sally said...

Loving that rock. Brilliant.

I often feel like I need a holiday when I get back from holidays. It can be exhausting.