08 March, 2014

Things I'm Loving

Well a day late again & I haven't blogged all week!  Haven't had much to say again!  But I've been flat out.  Sewing things for the school fair still.  Days are consumed with all sorts of things.  But fair is nearly here.  I am almost done with stuff, as long as the craft stall person in charge stops giving me stuff!  lol  OK, she is a friend & she is doing such a lot herself so I don't feel like I can say too much.  But I do have lots of other stuff going on as well that needs my attention.  

So I have had a little bit of time of an evening to work on my latest stitchery.  I am enjoying these.  This one is not a favourite but I guess I can't love them all.  It feels like it has taken forever this one.  But I was determined to get it done today so I had an enjoyable time sitting out on the deck watching DJ play with his water boats etc, getting soaked.  All good.  Is just a lovely day we sure can't complain.  

I had to get it finished in day light so I could trace out the next couple.  I do that with the pieces all stuck to the sliding doors.  Nothing like a giant lightbox!  But boy it was hot standing directly in the sun like that.  I had drips going down my back.  So I am pleased I can get on with the next one of those!  

Also loving new yarn!  Have you used Cascade anything??? 

We just got 3 varieties of Cascade in at work this week!  Rather exciting for me.  The yarn department is kind of my baby!  lol  These 2 skeins were gifts in the huge order & very exciting as I was allowed to take them home.  These aren't the ones we sell, but samples I guess for us to see.  

One thing I must say for it is that I love that although it has come all the way from the states, it is a really well priced yarn.  Can't wait to try some of the others.  

The 2 boys & I have had a really nice day at home which has been good.  Stuart worked all day which rarely happens these day on a weekend.  So we chilled out, ate pancakes, played Lego & rested.  It was nice.  Such a great balanced day to recharge.  I love days like that.  

It's a long weekend!  Gotta love that!  Wonder if the good days continue!  

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Bron said...

Gotta love the perks of a job.....love your stitching and what's not to love about a long weekend.....we had ours last weekend...enjoy. Xxxx2q2

Kirsteen Murray said...

That stitching is so cool!!

Meghan M said...

Oooh a long weekend sounds lovely - although we had a self-made one last weekend with a trip to Hamilton so I can't really complain! Hope you get everything done in time for the fair - it's always a bit pressurised when there are deadlines to meet :-)