23 March, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year. 

BJ - Loving life on a mini holiday. 
DJ - You better be quick cos I'm outta here!

linking up with the 52 project.


Bron said...

Ooooo a mini holiday.....there are so many gorgeous places to holiday in your beautiful state.....it does look cold I am so envious xxxx

Sally said...

Ah...is that cradle mountain? I think it is. The only time I've been in a helicopter wasxat cradle mountain. Awesome place. Very cold though!!! We were there in late April (years ago) and it was freezing.

Beautiful shots. So hard to capture the wriggly kids. M is my worst, she just doesn't stop moving. O us pretty bad too actually... Strike that, they're all wriggly monsters save A and he will be too in no time!

Sally said...

No we weren't... It was September come to think of it, a week before Sydney & West Coast were in their first grandfinal.

Bike said...

You have very cute boys :)

gabrielle said...

looks like you had a great mini holiday, even if it looks a little chilly there