24 March, 2014

Weekend - Saturday


Prepared for anything.

More driving.

Following the map...

Gorgeous wildlife begins...

We were lucky to have a clear view.  

Playground at the cabin accommodation was a hit.  A surprise to find it on our way animal hunting.

So many pademelons about the cabins.

Going on a night walk to hunt for more animals.  Well protected from the cold.

Lots of wallabies too!

Stay tuned for tomorrow & some pictures from Sunday if you can bear it.  


Bron said...

Hey that maybe where we stayed when visiting that part of the world....unfortunately for us there was no clear view of the mountain...middle of winter and very cold....still one of our favorite trips though. xxxx

Oh yes can't wait to see more pics. x

Sally said...

I missed this post somehow... looks like all the effort and exhaustion was totally worth it :)