02 March, 2014


A portrait of my boys every week for a year.  

BJ.  I can see Baby You in this picture.  Yay!  

DJ.  Trying to get you un-terrified of swimming again.  Was going well, & suddenly nope, not happening.  We are lucky to have some private pool use to get him back in the water having fun.  This is a brief moment when he did.  Phew...  Little steps again from the start. 

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Bron said...

Cuties......it is hard when you have a fearful swimmer...lucky you can use that private pool for some coaxing xxxx

Sally said...

Oh I had a chuckle seeing DJ too!

Having a pool + two older siblings really helps with water confidence - as do regular heat waves! Although I think all our kiddos have had loads of confidence because of their Dada. He is fearless with them, taking them to the bottom of the pool from an early age & letting them fall in and get back to the edge with little assistance. I don't know how he does it... I can barely watch. I do think that is why they can be a fearless around water ... which you can imagine means I carry the fear for three people on my shoulders! Being overconfident has its own set of problems.