30 October, 2010

It's Show Season

We had a wet day for the local show but we went briefly all the same & managed to dodge most of the rain. BJ was excited to get to ride in the famous car, Lightning McQueen. Very excited & happy! It's lovely when they are to young to know about all the other stuff that comes with the shows. Have to start saving for the years to come I suppose!

I also thought I would have a bit of a go at entering some things in the Home Industries section. Nothing to lose by it really. I was awarded a second place with Monkey. Hahahaha.... he was in the knitted toy section. So now I just have to decided what to do with all that prize money! $2 goes a long way these days! hahahahaha... ok, so you don't enter for the prizes do you, just for fun of course! It was interesting to see what sorts of things win, but overall it is interesting to see what what types of things people are making these days!

What a soggy weekend it is to be! Have a good one all the same.

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Kim said...

well done Mandy! Forget about entering for fun, it's all about the glory, hehehe. It's something I keep planning on doing but never get around too.