12 October, 2010

Big Felt Fun

BJ liked the little owl I did yesterday. I told him I would make him a bigger one sometime. Well that sometime turned into immediately! He went on about Owl big all morning. He was telling everyone that he would get an Owl big. So ... what is one to do, but come home & make Owl big! Yesterday's owl was at the 200% enlarged size. But BJ's owl is 400%. We went to the copy place & asked her to enlarge as big as it would go. So BJ's owl is about 16cm tall. Not too bad. I did get it finished for him last night before bed time. Phew! He cuddled it for a while. He didn't want to take it bed though. He said it had to go in a tree. So here it is in it's tree. lol Ok, so it wasn't there all night, just for his photo now.

Here is Big owl & Little owl. He is quite a bit bigger! I think I will need to make an inbetween owl so we have the full Owl Babies set of Sarah, Percy & Bill. But then again, they need to be white & grey so I may just have to make the whole set in that owl breed! Ekkk... That book is one of his favourites. It is on youtube as a video too which BJ loves. May have to get that book from fishpond though as it isn't to expensive. The one with the dvd of the book is cheaper than the book! Cool. Into my wishlist it goes. lol
Have a very Owly Day!

Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go.


Bellgirl said...

Lovely Owl Big and Owl Little! ...and I can sense this is only the beginning. That's often the way with owls ;)

Anonymous said...

How cute that he wanted "OWL big" to go with "OWL little"
He certainly has his favourite stories doesn't he

sylviesgarden said...

Oh how I love your owls!