10 October, 2010

Awesome Day at Fell Farm

Ok, now this is something I know I wouldn't have believed if you told me even at the beginning of the year I would be doing. In case there are any family that bother reading this, yes I did! I know you wouldn't believe it but I was out in the paddock this morning picking up cow pats. Hahahaha... Yeah, who woulda thunk it huh? Not me! Ever! Here are the 2 cows that are providing our garden fertilizer. We really need to take advantage of the free manure I think, so I collected a barrow load & have dumped it to do whatever it needs to do before we can do whatever we have to do to it so we can use it on the garden. Lol Did you get that? I'm a novice when it comes to this sort of stuff so I just do what I am told or research & then find out a bit more when it is time. All good. All learning.

The cows, Blackie & Ginger (very boringly named for their colouring) are so brave now. Well Blackie is anyway. Ginger is getting better. I had to wait for Blackie to finish checking out the wheelbarrow & what was in it. Like most animals they are only thinking of food. Since we give them hay & scrap stuff they are quite happy to come to see what we have for them. It is hard not to get attached to them when they are so involved in our little family now! It will be sad when their owners takes them away. I think I will have to tell him he can't!

We finally have all the garden dug a filled with mushroom compost. We got some more beetroot seeds sown too. BJ had a great time watering those & the radishes which he planted a few weeks back. At least a hose is easier. I did spend ages putting water in the can for him so he could water, ummm... all the trees as it turned out!

After all that hard work he wanted some attention from Mum & some cuddle time. Ok, so it ended up being at least 10 minutes of cuddle time in the middle of the yard but I don't mind. I have to treasure the cuddle times I get! I really do, every single second.

Can't forget the dog though. Juneau wanted a bit of her own cuddle time. lol

I was also very excited at lunch time. I did a major happy dance. But not in front of BJ. He ate an egg! One whole egg for lunch! Wow. Once again, for the family that know him they will know that is quite something! He doesn't really eat much. Ever! Prefers milk still. But he ate an egg. Yay! I was very happy! We might see a bit of a turn around now hopefully. He has been eating better over the last couple of days but that was quite huge for him to eat that much of any one thing! So there you go! He'll get there eventually & I know I will be complaining that he is eating us out of the house. One day.... :-)

Now the boys have gone out so I am taking the time to break out the felt book again. I did get something made out of it last night while I was watching the Com Games. Very late... glad the swimming is over now. I can get to bed at a better time. But it was good craft time too. Ok, off to see what to make now. Hope your weekend is a happy & awesome filled time too!


Full Little Tummies said...

Isn't it great to be out in the garden. Our peas have just popped through too. :-)

Anonymous said...

I can hardly belief that you get the cow pats. But I don't suppose it is much different to buying a bag of the stuff.