09 October, 2010

Food & boring stuff

Oh the week has gone way too fast. But spring is here! Finally! With Spring comes daylight savings & that is taking some adjustment for all the gang here! Oh well, such is the sacrifice you make for the onset of summer! lol

Not a great deal going on here. I have been busy working on my puzzle blocks to fill the shop in preparation for Christmas! I am trying to be organised.

I have been making Cinnamon Coffee Puffs as requested by a friend who wanted to try them when she came to visit! I reckon she will definitely make them herself. Also made our favourite new dinner meal, Winter Vegetable Cobbler which is just great for using up different vegies you have left. It includes lentils in it which are really good! It's just delicious. I made it again last night for a friend who needed a treat of someone cooking her dinner! It is so good & they thought so too. Phew!

I've been out & about with BJ doing playgroup & our music sessions.

I have not done much of the Rainbow Ripple blanket. Sad but just a time shortage this week!

I did get the templates copied from the Fa La La La Felt book so I am hoping & hoping I can get something from that done still over the weekend though the garden is calling too.

Finally have a pea seed sprouting so I was happy dancing when I saw that! Yay! Home grown vegies are on the horizon!

Ok, better go do some digging or cleaning or something! Hopefully something more interesting than boring stuff soon...


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Sally said...

Oh my! You do sound busy! Enjoy your garden.