17 October, 2010

Family Day

What a fun Sunday out & about Fell Farm. I've been juggling doing blocks most of the weekend with other things that need doing, like mowing the lawn again! I have got a couple of new sets of blocks in my madeit shop. There will be some more in soon as I prepare to have some available for Christmas! I am trying to be organised.

In between the playing & mowing, I arranged a little impromptu picnic afternoon tea on the lawn. BJ thought it was just great! I think it is something that he will ask to do again & again. He really likes routine & doing things in a specific way & having introduced something else he likes we are sure he will ask to do it again. That won't be a problem of course! lol Happy days on Fell Farm. Now off to eat our dinner that mostly came from our garden! Yay! I hope everyone had a good weekend & aren't scared off by the family picture! It's a bad hair day I think for all of us but the dog!


Sally said...

I adore the family picture. Lovely!
Who took it? Oh such happy days.

Now that the weather is so fine we're eating as many meals as we can outside... so much easier to clean up!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture, and a lot of fun just to stop and have a picnic,great idea, much better than rushing in and grabbing a drink and of to work again.