15 October, 2010

Food week

I've actually had to do quite a bit of cooking this week! Shock horror! Oh well, these things happen. I have just got one of our new favourite dishes in the oven. It's a Baked Beetroot & Red Wine Risotto. It's a "Risotto for Dummies" if you ask me. As it goes in the oven it is too simple. Cheating probably to the risotto experts out there. But I sure don't have time to stand & stir & stir & stir some more! If you love beetroot & especially when you have a surplas growing in your gardens this is terrific! It's also vegetarian but if you aren't like we aren't then it is perfect. We eat a lot of vegetarian but purely by accident usually ( or probably because there is barely any meat in the house!) Susan & Chelsea, you need to make this in your TMX. You should try it as it will be even easier in there!

Last night I made a Cheese Souffle! Let me tell you, this was easy peasy! I looked at the instructions & thought there were an awful lot of them but it was really easy to follow with good info on why you need to do what you read there. It really was easy & really nice too! If you are scared of souffle making then give this a whirl. If I can do it, then so can anyone!

While the souffle was getting all poofed up in the oven I was whipping up a batch of my new favourite snack - Cinnamon Coffee Puffs. I love them & eat ummm... way too many a day but they are soooo good. If you saw my post on these last week then you really need to make these now so you know how good they are!

I have been working on a couple of crafty things instead of doing stuff I should be doing so I will probably get to post something crafty over the weekend! Have a good one!



Full Little Tummies said...

Yum yum!!! Let me know what time dinner is tomorrow! :-)

Sally said...

Oh my goodness... I'll be giving the baked beetroot risotto a go as soon as my beets are ready in the garden!

... and I wanna wanna make a cheese souffle but my oven doesn't work :(