03 October, 2010

Sunday lunch & other bits

I really enjoy our home day on Sunday. As a result I like to make something different for lunch or brunch even. I would love to make Eggs Benedict every day or every Sunday at least but as much as I like the Hollandaise sauce I really can't be bothered with it all the time. Plus it isn't nice to have something so often as then the enjoyment factor can wear thin can't it?

Today I decided we would have some sort of egg & bacon mini pies. I like the thought of mini ones as I always hope it would entice BJ to actually eat it! I went hunting for a recipe & found this Little Bacon & Egg Pies recipe at taste. I really love to use taste.com.au. I quickly glanced over the recipe only to discover I didn't have sour cream or 12 eggs. Ok, I will look. I had a tub of philadelpia cream cheese in the fridge. That will do! So I figure I will make a half batch of what that recipe said. So I made them. Hmmm... I made 12. Even with my 6 eggs... Ok, read their method. Ok, so I didn't do it like that recipe really. Seems like I have done something a bit different. They rose quite high, were rather light & fluffy & totally delicious. The rest will be work lunch tomorrow. & no, unfortunately BJ just picked a little at it like he usually does with food! Grrrr... Anyway here are my pies...

& here is my recipe.

250g cream cheese
1/4 cup milk
6 eggs
3 rashers bacon
herbs, seasoning to taste
3 sheets puff pastry

Cut bacon up into pieces & lightly fry.
Let cream cheese soften & then mix with milk to make a bit of a smoother mixture.
Beat in eggs & seasonings.
Cut pastry into quarters & place each square into a muffin hole in muffin tin that you have lightly sprayed/greased.
Pour some cheese mixture into each pastry case & spoon some bacon onto each.
Cook in oven at about 180°C for 25-30 mins.
Let stand for a couple minutes & go & eat them.

Now there may be recipes like that out there in recipe land, but I didn't see any in my experimental stage this morning. So this is just how I did mine after not reading the one that I did look at properly! Worked out better if you ask me as I used half the amount of eggs!

While I was going I also had to make another batch of Cinnamon Coffee Puffs. Stuart made these the other night & well, they didn't last long. I tried to tell him the ants made off with the last few but he didn't believe me. If you like doughnuts/donuts you will love these! I like them better than doughnuts for sure! I made them a bit smaller this time then Stu made the other day, so we ended up with 24 little balls of yumminess! mmmmm..... Now again, one little change to the recipe! The recipe doesn't have coffee in it! Rather odd considering they are named with it... so we added a bit of coffee to the milk when adding it in. Gives quite a nice flavour. With the sugar cinnamon coating on them at the end they are truly divine & go just nicely with a cup of coffee! (Chelsea don't cringe at the sugar coating will you! lol) But they really are good! I have to be careful to not make a mess with these as the ants will be here in force! I really don't need to encourage them right now. But really, if you are a doughnut lover, these are easy as anything to make & better than in my opinion!

Well now Sunday lunch is done & dusted I had better get myself out to mow the lawn. Yesterday someone gave the mower a once over so it should be working just nicely now! I was watching him potter there for a little while. He was only pulling bits of grass off around the outside but he was really concentrating on the job like he was really fixing it! Very cute. He is sure inquisitive around things like this!

Ok, must dash. I have a lawn to mow. & I really want to have a play with my Fa La La La Felt book, though I don't think that is going to happen today really & truely. Oh well, I can try to narrow it down to which thing I want to make first. It's going to be a hard choice.


angelina said...

mushroom man, do the mushroom man!!

Catherine said...

They are so very sweet helping aren't they:)) I do like your Cinnamon Coffee Puffs, they look very yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe.:)

Full Little Tummies said...

Hehehe - no cringing here. They look yum!!! If I win the lotto I am going to buy you a thermomix and then you can have your eggs benedict everyday in minutes!