09 August, 2009

Monkey Business

Hey there! I have been busy this week with this darned Monkey! Hodgie is happy to have another one of his wild friends come over. Meet Ross the monkey! (can anyone guess why he is called Ross?)

Ross is from the same knitting pattern book as Hodgie is from. He was a bit ambitious as it turned out, but I am pretty impressed to say that I made it! lol The picture in the book doesn't show he has thumbs. You can make them out in this pic if you look closely at his hands & feet. The picture also didn't show the face is sticking out off his head. I thought it was just flat. So he has a big face that I struggled to fit on his head in the end. But it is there. I also just had to stick the arms & legs on how I could. Don't have a doll making needle like they suggest. He certainly isn't perfect but he doesn't look so bad this morning. I do end up with getting sick of looking at something & when I don't look at it for a while it doesn't look quite so bad. Anyway, I hope Brandon has fun with him & I hope Ross survives kids play.

While we are on the topic of monkeys I had to add these pics of Brandon. He had his first banana in the skin the other day. No he didn't eat the whole thing but put in a good effort. He kept biting the skin & then pulling faces. The skin would get in the way. But he really wasn't thinking about it to much as he was very focused on Hi-5 again! It's his favourite! Nearly time to get new ones again. When mum sings them all night in her head it is time for a change.

Hey, hey, we're the Monkees

And people say we monkey around.

But we're too busy singing

To put anybody down.

Theme from the Monkees - The Monkees



Sandy said...

Too cute - both Brandon and Ross LO

Chars said...

Both your monkey's are just sooo cute :)