26 August, 2009

Spring Mill Hill magnets

I did these a couple of days ago. These are in the same series as the Lemonade one in my previous post. This is Flip Flops & Root Beer Float. They are quite pretty. You can't quite get the shiny bead effect in a picture.

The days have only been good for staying inside & doing this stuff. Oh the weather outside is frightful! It isn't going to snow, so I won't sing Let it Snow, but it has been wet & wild for ages now. Unfortunately you can't stay home & inside all the time, so you do have to brave it once in a while. This picture is not an exaggeration!


Wind and rain slashing at my window pain
It looks like you have lied again
By now I guess it's just the same
And I am left with the wind and rain
Wind & Rain - Bruce Springsteen

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